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Safe and effective
A new innovative processing for the industry is the Lip Filler No Needle Treatment with the Hyaluron Pen. It is essentially a no needle filler which is a fantastic alternative for customers looking for increased volume or wrinkle fillers without the needle as a non-invasive method of dermal filling is safe.

The Hyaluron Pen is an easy, safe tool to treat the upper layers of dermis and epidermis with non-staminal fillers. The pen does not have needles but uses airflow to directly burst nanoscale molecules into the dermis by your skin. It is safe, comfortable and painless, but has a significant cosmetic effect instantaneously.
Lip Fillers


We provide incomparable results from natural enhancement to a plum pillow lip effect. For our Hyaluron Pen we use only the premium CE approved products and is a progressive building treatment. The product’s creaminess results in unprecedented smoothness.

The dermal filler injections can produce spectacular results if you feel aware of your lip’s size or want a more luscious volume. Hyaluronic acid is natural and may increase volume and hydration with microinjections into the lip.

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What are HYALURON's benefits in terms of treatment? What are they?


It takes around 30 minutes to complete each treatment session.


Surprisingly comfortable care. Firstly, dermal fillers are done using a pressure application that is non-needle and makes them more secure than a typical hypodermic spout.
What’s the role of it?

Probably you have a million or so questions about this special pain-free / needle-free non-medical dermal filler therapy! Well, don’t look any further, as we are experts and have all the answers, read here below and learn more…

The Hyaluron Pen took the beauty industry to heat, with its concept of no needle filling. This could be the solution if you shy away from the needles. Customers with a needle phobia do not mean they don’t want full lips, and now, with the no-needle Hyaluronic pen treatment, you can have the lips you always wanted. The device uses the product without a needle at high pressure into the skin.

This may sound new to you, but since the 1980s, insulin has been used by diabetics. The hyaluronskin pen has had the lead to fire hyaluronskin acid into the lips neck and face after scientific experiments! It needs a needle without. The pressure from the pen is sufficiently strong to force the liquid blend into the skin. The pen is not a miracle lip volumizer (it doesn’t even advertise it to be), and the fillers are not permanent as they have a more superficial result. This approach is less abrasive than other methods since it does not require needles. Results can be 3-7 months long! And it’s best to do this in your own home privacy!!

The Hyaluron Pen is what?

Our Hyaluron Pen is an invention which puts Hyaluronic Acid filler in epidermatic and superior skin dermal layers without the use of conventional needles or injections, hyaluronic acid is transferred under high pressure to the skin, and only to the upper layers. This pain-free treatment, which is suitable for clients with needles, is less painful and fast and can be used to plump their lips, fine lines and wrinkles!!!!

The pen uses spring pressure technology to turn hyaluronic acid into nanocompressive molecules to insert hyaluronic acid filler into the skin. The flow diameter is of 0.17 mm, twice the size of the smallest needle of insulin. The mix of Hyaluronic acid used is pure, and after this initial purchase we supply extra in the store.


In lip extension, wrinkles reduction, skin flexibility increase, hair loss treatment is regarded as effective.

In one session, optimal results can be reached.

Hyaluron Pen shows the same results as regular injections of dermal fillers.

Hyaluron Pen Targeted Areas:

Do threats or side effects exist?

Tips for aftercare

After the treatment, the lips will possibly swell. You should also note that the injection sites are common in some redness and/or bruising. Many side effects are mild, and after the treatment is completed you will resume most activities.

Using ice pack or cloth ice-cube (so it doesn’t cling to the lip and pain) apply ice to your lips later on. This helps to quickly swell, scratch, bruise and every other discomfort.

After your lips or any other dermal fillers, stop exercising hardy for 24-48 hours. Higher blood pressure and heart rate can aggravate swelling or bruising. If your doctor agrees, you can take Arnica for bruising. It is nice to take part in a light exercise such as cycling.

Keep moisturized. Stay moisturized. A lot of water will help you heal your body.

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetable hydrating and strive to stop the swelling excess sodium.

For 48 hours after treatment avoid elevated temperatures like steam baths, saunas and heated training classes. High heat will increase swelling.

Tell your doctor which painkillers you should take in the days following your therapy. Tylenol is usually good, but blood thinning drugs such as ibuprofen are not.

If you have lip fillers for a particular case, be sure to allow your lips to heal properly between the treatment and the event.

Try sleeping on pillows to minimize swelling with your head lifted. Sleep not on your stomach. Do not sleep.

Evitate maquillage on your lips until 24 hours after.

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