How to Restore Collagen for a Younger Appearance

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Collagen is a protein that aids in the formation of the main structural component of your skin. It is in charge of keeping your skin plump, smooth, and youthful. That is what prevents wrinkles and fine lines. Unfortunately, as we age, it breaks down and decreases, causing our skin to sag, wrinkles to emerge, and sun damage to become noticeable. By the age of 30, the skin has lost about 1.5 percent of its natural collagen, and by the age of 40, it has lost about 15%. However, all is not lost, and the good news is that there are ways to restore it.

Here are a few things you can do to assist. Water, as we all know, is beneficial to all aspects of life. Up to ten glasses of water, a day can flush contaminants from the skin and encourage collagen fibre production.

Consume plenty of fresh, leafy vegetables, such as spinach and kale, which are high in Vitamin C and lutein, both of which aid in collagen development.

Reduce the intake of black tea and coffee and favour of green tea. Green tea flavonoids, that are antioxidants that help resist free radicals that degrade collagen fibres.

Unsaturated fatty acids, such as those found in nuts, flaxseed, salmon, and tuna, encourage collagen development.

You can also take a vitamin E supplement on a regular basis. Vitamin E is essential for collagen replication because it provides the supporting nutrients that your body requires to produce collagen.

On a daily basis, apply a vitamin A-enriched moisturiser to your face. Vitamin A is in control of the development of collagen fibres. Collagen Restore has studied the ideal skincare product that blends vitamin A and bovine colostrum. Environ’s Intensive Range includes the ideal ingredients to help enhance the appearance of uneven skin, optimise skin texture, restoring firmer, smoother skin, and reducing premature ageing and fine lines. Contact Collagen Restore to learn more about and buy this incredible skin care line.

Agera Rx is a non-invasive skin peel that we sell as an alternative. It is used to treat aged skin, acne, and unwanted pigmentation. These one-of-a-kind peels provide fast results without triggering unsightly skin drying, redness, or discomfort. The Agera Rx absorbs the skin’s pigment cells, reducing any presence of pigmentation discoloration and producing a more uniform pale skin. The procedure activates cells deep within the skin to facilitate the development in collagen and elastin, that aids in the elimination of fine lines for just a firmer, more radiant look. You will maximise and improve your performance if you use Agera Rx home care items on a regular basis.

Microdermabarasion is another reliable, painless method of skin peeling that we have. It is becoming increasingly common in the United Kingdom, and it is ideal for both men and women, as well as being effective for a number of skin conditions. The procedure extracts dead skin cells mechanically, enhancing skin texture and smoothing out irregularities. It also promotes the growth of new skin cells and collagen. Again, it is non-invasive and produces immediate and spectacular results. You will note a noticeable decrease in fine lines, acne marks, age spots, swollen pores, and pigmentation immediately after your first session. It won’t be long before your skin looks firmer and more youthful.

You could also opt for a filler injection procedure. Fillers are very powerful, and you’ll see results right away. They plump the skin or attach proteins, which boost collagen development. The treatment’s effects do wear off, necessitating follow-up injections.

As you can see, there are several choices. Why not try to slow down the ageing process? Please contact Collagen Restore to arrange a no-obligation free consultation to determine which alternative is best for you.

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