Body Shaping Treatments

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Body Shaping Treatments  

The body shaping industry is booming in the United Kingdom. Make sure you don’t miss out on this huge trend.

According to a recent survey from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, non-invasive techniques to reduce fat are gaining popularity. Discover the many fat reduction treatments available at our Newcastle upon Tyne facility.

Combine Body Sculpting Treatments

When customers consider body shaping treatments and ways to improve certain regions, the focus is frequently on fat reduction. For example, abdominal fat or love handles. However, there are frequently additional skin problems that exacerbate the situation, making the region appear worse.

Additional skin problems for new mothers or older clients may include loose, sagging skin or minimizing the dimpling appearance of cellulite, which frequently affects areas such as the tummy or arms. By addressing all of these skin issues in addition to fat reduction, the entire area may get an even better outcome.

4 in 1 Body Shaping Solution

By combining the following clinically proven cosmetic procedures, we can deliver a multi-dimensional attack on your problem area that not only eliminates fat but also tightens the skin and improves its texture and look.

1.Cavitation in 5 dimensions

2.360° Frozen Fat

3. Shockwave

4. Radio Frequency

These four incredible therapies work in perfect harmony and may help you get spectacular results. Each treatment has been recognised with awards, is clinically verified, and has been approved for its efficacy.

All treatments are absolutely painless, rapid, and non-invasive.

Additionally, there is no downtime!

Fat Freezing

Fat Freezing can be used to treat soft, squeezable pockets of fat tissue, which can be found in areas such as the following:

• Stomach

• Hips

• Love Handles

• Bra line and Back

• Inner Hips Fat Freezing demolishes fat cells, which your body gradually eliminates over the upcoming days, revealing a slimmer figure.

For additional information about Fat Freezing, please click here.

5D Cavitation

When combined with Fat Freezing, we may “double whammy” your obstinate fat and destroy even more fat tissue. This can be accomplished by covering a bigger area than is possible with fat freezing alone. This treatment is ideal for contouring difficult-to-reach areas such as the following: • Knees • Armpits • Calves • Arms

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency simultaneously tightens the skin, improves its texture, and decreases cellulite. Additionally, this award-winning treatment is utilized on the face and neck!

For more information on Radio Frequency, click here.


Shockwave therapy has been clinically proved to augment and promote the benefits of all of our body contouring treatments, including Fat Freezing and Radio Frequency. It is a non-invasive, quick, and painless procedure that rejuvenates the skin and soft tissues.

We always recommend combining Shockwave with Fat Freezing or 5D Cavitation treatments because it aids in the breakdown of:

• Cellulite

• Loose Skin

• Stretch Marks

• Fatty Deposits

Gold Standard in Body Shaping

While Fat Freezing and 5D Cavitation are highly effective procedures on their own, combining them as a treatment program can help you achieve the best body shaping results.

For additional information, we invite you to schedule a face-to-face appointment with one of our Body Shaping Experts.

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