Restoring the Collagen.
HIFU a proven treatment>

changing the
collagen loss together without needles, chemicals or faddy treatments

Hifu which is high intensity ultrasound therapy treatments used for some time in the medical industry now being used in the cosmetic industry to increase collagen for face, neck, chin, hands, and anywhere you want to improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles.

Reasons why botox is not good for you

1- Temporary Results

The effects of the treatment last between 2-6 months maximum, making regular top-ups necessary. So while a single Botox treatment is comparatively inexpensive, the multiple treatments can slowly amount to a large sum.

The protein nature of Botox triggers the body immune system to create antibodies that obstruct and suspend the drug with continued usage with time, for this reason lowering the drug’s efficiency and needing a greater dose with every go to in order to accomplish outcomes comparable to the very first application.

Botox works by freezing, or disabling the muscles of a specific location to get rid of wrinkles, which likewise makes it challenging to speak plainly and form fundamental facial expressions such as smiling; while likewise providing the face a consistent ‘shocked’ or ‘frowning’ look that lasts for a couple of days. Nevertheless, it is most obvious in individuals who get greater dosages or other treatments in addition to Botox.

If you failed to move your legs for 5 years, ultimately those muscular tissues would diminish and end up being rather weak. The exact same thing can occur to the muscles in your skin. “If utilized frequently, more than an extended time period, without interruption, ultimately the muscle will waste away from absence of use That’s not to state your whole face will atrophy. “As the Botox is injected in discrete places on the face, ultimately just people dealt with muscles will atrophy, keeping other muscles to preserve complete volume.

Why Hifu is the non surgical, non chemical, longer lasting option

HIFU has numerous visual advantages, consisting of:

  • wrinkle reducing.
  • tightening up falling skin on the neck (in some cases referred to as turkey neck).
  • raising the cheeks, brows, and eyelids.
  • greatly enhancing jawline meaning.
  • tightening up of the d√©colletage.
  • smoothening the skin.

Collagen Restore your options

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Cream and Potions

The cosmetic companies spend a fortune on marketing making you believe they work in reality they hydrate the skin but restoring collagen well thats questionable.

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Botox wil give you a short term fix but wont rejuviante the collagen

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HIFU non surgical treatments

Dont take our word for it. The medical industry use this technology and so do most of the top cosemtric companies across the world. The methodolgy of how its restores collagen is sound and proven